Since 1985

Sedrik The Black

Spotted by Fernand during a Carnival outing, he sang

guttural and pagan songs in a Viking brotherhood. 
Fernand say him: "Hey you... you have to come to my cellar!!!
I need a singer with your type of voice."  Fernand wanted to reform Black Knight, rehearsing in the cellar of his house.

Sedrik quickly became official members of the Band.

he mainly writes all the lyrics of the songs.

he listens to all types of metal with a preference for thrash, pagan and heavy metal... but he is undeniably a big fan of AC/DC.

Since 2020

Robby Bishop

Drummer since the age of 4, Robby spent 8 years at the conservatory of Tournai. He gets used to the scenes when he accompanies some orchestras.

Robby was part of the rock band ''Echoes'' . The Band stopped during the COVID 19 pandemic.

In 2021, he meets Fernand, who will put him to the test.
Robby immediately joined the band and became Black Knight's new drummer.


Lead and rhythm guitarist, Fernand is the founder of the group.
He is currently the only member of the original formation.

Fan of Black Sabbath, Fernand is inspired by multiple Metal influences such as Motorhead, Saxon, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Panthera, Kreator, Slayer, Venom, … and Black Sabbath of course!

He was a member of a lot of Bands :

Barbarian (on guitar 1983-1984), Wildness (on bass 1987-1990), Extreme Tendencies (on Guitar 1991-1992), Pleasure Slave (on Guitar 1994), Haircuts that Kill (on Bass&Guitar 2000-2005), Slaughter Messiah (on Guitar 2010) and Anthanide (on Guitar 2011-2016). He accompanied Jonathan Harding  on acoustic guitar (1996) and appeared in Kenny Coppieters' music video (Des Blondes, Des Brunes).

Since 2011

Call-Him Jay

Of Chilean origin, Jay is a bassist with punk influences.

Complete and experienced, he touches on everything.

Open, jovial and festive with a real need for freedom, his personality remains in derision towards the social order.

Since 2009, Jay was part of the band SOCRADE (from Mouscron). The band stopped at the end of 2014.

At the end of 2019, Jay plays bass with BLACK KNIGHT for troubleshooting of concerts.

The following year, he officially joined the Band.

Since 2021

Former Members

François Thibaut


Christian Fontaine

1986 -1987

Laurent Marlier
1986 - 1987

Alain "Al Paco"
1993 & 2011

The Black Joker

Tonton Luc

1985 - 1986

Jean-Marc Serry
1985 - 1987

Jean-Christophe Spreux


Danny Babeyt

1985 -1986

Claude Jouret
1985 - 1987


The Black Baron
2011 - 2019