Our Story

Laurent Marlier replaced Tonton Luc on bass.
Indeed the Laotian leaves Black Knight to work abroad.
Later, Laurent replaces Danny on guitar
and Christian Fontaine arrives on bass.




During the Summer: for a documentary film (NOTELE) on the youth of Tournai, Black Knight formed under the impulse of Fernand "N'enfer" Delleau (rhythm guitar and soloist). The other members are: Danny Babeyt (Guitar), “Tonton Luc” (bass) and François Thibaut (Drums).
In september: Arrival of a singer: Jean Marc Serry. Claude Jouret replaces François on drums.



during 1987, Black Knight's members separates.
His repertoire consisted of ten songs (The Black Knight, Disturbed Sacrifice, The Plague, White Wolf, Destroy The Soldiers Of Evil, …).

N'enfer is reforming Black Knight with:
Jean Christophe Spreux (vocals), Alain "Al Paco" (bass),
Daniel (guitar), and Erwin (drums).
An unoficial three-song demo is recorded
(Black Star, Neverland and Suffering).
Unfortunately, Black Knight won't do a concert
and the members each take opposite directions.

Haircuts That Kill, a Belgian metal band of which "N'enfer" was a part, uses the title "Black star" on their EP.

N'enfer brings together "The Black Baron" on drums, Al Paco on bass and Cédric "Sedrik the Black" Noppe on vocals.

end of the year, Al Paco leaves Black Knight for this concentrate entirely to his other group (Brewed In Belgium).

Black Knight gives his first concert in "Cornwall" in Tournai with Dezhumanizer and Anthanide. Thereafter Black Knight will chain the concerts including 2 dates with the group Skeptical Minds.

August 2015: Release of the album ''Reborn''.

The concerts are all canceled due to the COVID-19 health crisis

Jay become official a new member of the band.




After many tests of bassist Black Knight formalizes
the arrival of "the Black Joker".

December 22, 2012: (the day after the end of the Mayan calendar), Black Knight made his rebirth official by opening his facebook page.







September 2016: release of the clip Clash Of Knights

The Black Baron and The Black Joker no longer have

the same vision of the future, so they leave the band.

at the end of the year, in troubleshooting for concerts , Jay play on bass and Laurent Mercier on drums

March 1, 2019, release of the album Rest In Pieces

Robby Bishop, a young drummer,

becomes the last member of Black Knight

First concerts since the COVID-19 health crisis,
Black Knight is doing a mini-tour with Deos,
a French metal band from Annecy.